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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)  is a nonsurgical medical procedure that harvests and concentrates the platelets within a persons blood and introduces them through injection into the areas of the body that are either injured or damaged by disease.

How does it work?

Blood is composed of different types of cells that each have different functions. Platelets are known to be responsible for the bodies wound healing. When platelets are activated in the blood they will release different growth factors responsible for both soft tissue cellular repair and regeneration. The natural process of wound healing that occurs in every person is simply accererated and concentrated with PRP.

Will it be able to help me?

PRP is ideal for treating conditions such as joint pain, muscle tendon pains, ligament sprains, plantarfascitis, arthritis of the knee, shoulder, back, disc pain, bursitis and even safe enough to use in cosmetic applications of the face such as in reducing wrinkles by improving the collagen matrix.

Is it safe?

Because PRP uses a persons own blood there are little to no side effects and no risk of rejection. The procedure does not involves drugs and is all natural. There may be a temporary slight increase in inflammation as well as an after care instruction to avoid NSAIDs for a short period but the doctor will fully explain what to expect after your individual case.

About the PRP Procedure

How is the procedure performed?

The entire procedure is done in the office and takes about an hour. Additional time is required for examination and an accurate diagnosis is key. The doctor may be able to perform the procedure the same day or you may need to come back for the procedure if additional diagnostic testing is necessary to determine the severity your condition. When you are ready, then a small quantity of blood will be drawn from your arm, and then it will be processed in our centrifuge. The concentrated platelet rich plasma will be isolated from the blood sample and then reintroduced into your body by injection. The doctor will then utilize an ultrasound guided technique to ensure accuracy and safety while injecting. This will be done to avoid injecting into blood vessels and areas that are nonrelated to your problem. The technique will also utilize a topical anesthetic to ensure a pain free experience. The entire procedure will be rendered in a safe, sterile manner to ensure the safety of the patient.

How long will it take to get better?

PRP only needs to be done once every 4-6 weeks and will usually dramatically improve your condition after 1-2 visits.  Each case will be different but your body will start to heal after the first visit.


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