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Why should you take chlorella?

By Dr. Edwin Chun, D.C.

Chlorella - Superfood

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One look at the dark emerald green color of chlorella should indicate to you that it is a valuable plant-based whole food. Chlorella is a well-known nutraceutical (a food that has shown to be able to improve health & decrease or treat disease) often called a superfood. It’s called this because it has so many health attributes.

As a healthcare provider for over 20 years, I have seen the damage that can be done from unhealthy diets that have been increasingly affected by a worsening state of environmental health. Yearly, many of you already know about stories of contamination of lead in public water systems, the increasing amount of uncontrollable fires, increased smog and air pollution, increased methane and carbon emission from factory farms and increased chemicals, even nuclear wastes in our oceans. All these pollutants find their way into our foods in small or large amounts and they affect human health negatively. One statistical number that we shouldn’t ignore is the rising level of obesity and cancers, so much so that it is now common to see people developing cancer every day.

One thing that is most certain through these times of increasing sickness is that all of us are looking for better health for ourselves and our loved ones and protection against diseases. Chlorella is a product that has been tried, tested and approved by millions around the world. It’s one of the most talked about and highly touted supplements by the most famous and well-studied doctors of natural health. There have been many research studies analyzing the properties of chlorella. Let’s look at some of the known facts.

Chlorella is actually a fresh-water algae species. Its cell body is very hard and needs to be broken to release the nutrients of the cell. Its deep rich green color is from the high amounts of chlorophyll present in the cell. Chlorophyll is in and of itself a prized phytonutrient because it contains magnesium which is an important mineral needed by humans. Chlorophyll is also an antioxidant and aids in digestion as well as decreasing colon cancers and helps the liver to detoxify.

Chlorella is highly nutritious.

  • A natural, absorbable and useable source of Vitamin B12 required by humans.
  • Contains some Omega 3 essential fatty acids EPA/DHA. Amounts vary and although they are not high enough to be considered a significant, they do aid the body in obtaining the necessary levels of omega 3 when taken consistently.
  • Chlorella is 50-60% complete plant protein giving the body all nine essential amino acids.
  • Chlorella can be a good supplemental source of iron source supplying up to 40% of the necessary 8mg needed daily for men and 8-18 mg needed by women daily.
  • Chlorella also contains vitamin A, C, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus with smaller amounts of zinc, copper.
  • Chlorella also contains the phytonutrient  C.G.F. (Chlorella Growth Factor) which is a well-studied and known antioxidant that absorbs free radicals and prevents unhealthy rapid aging processes. It is an anti-aging nutrient and has been shown to help improve healing in wound repair and, also help healthy tissue growth with no malignancies. In the chlorella cell, the C.G.F. allows the chlorella to rapidly grow and divide.

Scientifically proven benefits of chlorella include:

  1. Heavy metal binding and detoxification. Its high chlorophyll levels additionally bind to heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury etc. and removes them from your blood and body. Great if you like to eat a lot of seafood which is known to contain levels of mercury.
  2. Enhanced immunity- studies have shown that supplementation increases the NK natural killer cells in our immune system which rid the body of virus, cancers, bacterial invaders.
  3. Helps to decrease bad cholesterol by decreasing the oxidation of cholesterol in the blood keeping it in its safe form.
  4. Antioxidant- contains CGF, lutein, lycopene, carotene, chlorophyll, vitamin C, beta-carotene. Decreases damage done to the body by radiation, chemicals, toxins, pollutions, aging, stress etc. This helps the body to resist aging.
  5. Aids in the reduction of high blood pressure. There are studies showing that usage after 12 weeks mildly decreases high blood pressure.
  6. Aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, there are studies showing usage aids in controlling unhealthy blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity.
  7. Anti-inflammatory. Chlorella has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects helping people with excessive inflammation.
  8. Some support for health, endurance, improved aerobic capacity possibly from its high amounts of branched chain amino acids and CGF levels increasing healing.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of science to support the HEALTH BENEFITS of taking chlorella and it’s easy to look at any well- known expert in natural health and also validate the understanding that using it can greatly improve your health. It’s a fantastic and wise addition to your daily nutrition and provides your body with needed proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while also protecting your body from the increasing levels of heavy metals, toxins in our foods and environment.

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