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How to use Personal Affirmations for better health

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 You are what you think about, easily stated and understood. The human experience is controlled by how we think about life. Lets read an article by Yash Naik on how we can improve our life with positive affirmations.

Affirmations are basically positive statements that you repeat them consistently in order to create a desired belief or mindset. So basically, they are statements that describe a desired goal, a habit or a situation.
Now, the logic behind this is to penetrate that particular statement/affirmation into your subconscious mind in order to create your desired reality. Now, if an affirmation is used in the right way, it programs your mind to act according to the repeated words. So, this process triggers your subconscious mind to work on those statements. Hence, this helps you manifest those repeated words in your reality.

Affirmations are very useful for building new habits, improving yourself and your life, and for achieving success. Everyone uses affirmations in their day to day life, but most of them are totally unaware of it. Then why are most people not getting what they want?
It’s because most of the people use negative affirmations. Until now, you might be telling yourself, in your mind, “I am useless”, or “I can’t do this”, etc. So, what are you actually doing? You are repeating negative affirmations in your mind. In this world, everything goes with words. You cannot talk or think without words. In fact, even while you are reading this, your mind is repeating what I have written. So first of all, you must realize that words are very powerful and they can build you up or destroy you. It’s the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring positive or negative results. Before starting the benefits, lets first understand the science behind affirmations.

The Science behind Affirmations

For decades, scientists believed the brain was hardwired unchangeable. However, new research in the field of neuroscience shows us that this concept may be untrue. In fact, it is now thought that the brain is continually changing with each new experience.

What does this have to do with affirmations? Well, with neuroplasticity comes a realization that affirmations may not be all in our heads, but actually may have a basis in hard science. It means our thoughts and attitudes are wired into our brains. But it also means that with positive self-affirmations, we can change our bad habits into good, healthy habits.

Positive Affirmations in your Day to day Life

First, you must understand that you are what you think and say because whatever you think or say repeatedly, your subconscious mind accepts it as fact. Hence, it attracts similar things, situations, people, etc. in your life. So as humans, we have the power to control and choose what we think. Then, why to think negative? Let us think positive. However, in stressful situations, most people tend to think negative. But, the person who thinks positive even in stressful situations only succeed. Most of the people have inner conversations with themselves in their mind. They converse about their problems, difficulties, situations, with themselves most of the time. Thus, they are using negative affirmations and therefore they attract negative situations. Instead of this, it’s better to have positive inner conversations. So, repeat words and thoughts about finding solutions, creativity, making things better, etc.
Positive affirmation is a great tool to use in your everyday life, to motivate, inspire, and give you strength.

To make this more clear, let me give you some examples:

  1. Negative affirmations:
    i) I am unlucky.
    ii) I can’t do this.
    iii) I am going to fail for sure.

  2. Positive Affirmations:
    i) I am super lucky.
    ii) I can and must do this.
    iii) I am going to work so hard that I‘ll pass for sure.

Importance/Benefits of Positive Affirmations

Using positive Affirmations regularly has several benefits in terms of health, relationship, career, business, mind, spirituality and much more. So, let us see some of the top benefits of positive affirmations that are experienced by a majority of people who are listed below

1. It Beats/Fights Depression

One of the top benefits of using positive affirmations consistently is that it beats depression. This is because the power of positive thinking is known to beat depressive thoughts. However, depression causes thoughts of low self-confidence, feeling unworthy, feeling overstressed, feeling emotionally numb, etc. So, by using positive affirmations you transform the whole thought process and hence your overall mindset positively. Moreover, research done by the University of Arizona regarding affirmations on depressed/anxious patients has shown some shocking results! However, they used affirmations on depressed/anxious patients. But, the shocking result came out that positive affirmations were the most influential part for the majority of patients in their recovery process.

Some of the top affirmations for fighting depression are:

  • I love myself unconditionally
  • I radiate respect and confidence
  • I am brave and strong
  • I am the best
  • I keep on improving day by day
  • My unconditional self-love increases day by day
  • I am totally detached with peoples opinions

2. It improves your Aura

So now, what is Aura? Here’s a very simple example. Have you noticed that, on a candle, a small flame lightens up the entire room? In the spiritual world, that flame is you and that light is your aura. It’s basically the energy field surrounding your body that influences your personality and other things in life. This is to say, a person influence, situation, personality, things he/she attract depend on his/her aura. Using positive affirmations daily improves your aura and makes it more clean and influential. So, this lifts up your mood by making your life completely positive. You may also see a shift in people’s behavior towards you positively when you improve your aura.

Some of the best Aura cleansing affirmations are:

  • My Aura is Clean
  • My Aura is Influential
  • My Aura is Bright
  • My Aura is White
  • My Aura gets improved day by day

3. It Improves Your Health

Various studies have shown that affirmations have a major impact on your physical health. This is because our brain is connected to our body and vice versa.

So, when you use correct affirmations regarding health, your mind gets influenced first and then your body. So here, your mind works on healing your body.

Some of the best health Affirmations are:

  • Every day in every way, I am healthier and stronger.
  • I love myself and I am perfectly healthy.
  • I am super fit and super strong
  • I treat my body as a temple. It is holy, it is clean and it is full of goodness.
  • My love for healthy diet and exercise increases day by day
  • I manifest perfect health by making smart choices.

4. It improves your Career/Business

As said earlier, regular affirmations make you super positive. So, positive affirmations can also be used in your career life. It lifts up your mood, keeps you motivated, inspires you to take action, makes you immune to negativity and so on. However, using positive affirmations can also improve your mental health and stamina thereby improving your career and business life.

Some of the best Business/Career affirmations are:

  • I believe in myself and trust my abilities to succeed.
  • I am successful in everything I do.
  • My income increases day by day.
  • I manifest the best career/business for me.
  • I make huge money from doing what I love.
  • Success, money, and happiness comes infinitely and easily to me.
  • I always attract great opportunities every day.
  • My chances to succeed in life is above an infinity.
5. Affirmations Strengthen Relationships

So, the same logic applies over here. Although, through positive affirmations, you can improve and strengthen your relationship with others.
So, this could be a relationship with your family, your friends, your spouse, etc. The power of positive thinking can flourish new relationships, old ones, and those which have tension between them.

Some of the best Affirmations for relationship are:

  • My life is filled with love, light, and happiness.
  • I radiate love and charm.
  • I deserve to be loved.
  • I understand myself and others on a deeper level.
  • My Emotional Intelligence is extremely high.
  • My relationship with myself and others keeps on improving day by day.
  • I radiate positive loving energy everywhere I go.

6. It Boosts the Law of Attraction

Daily use of positive affirmations also boosts the process of manifestation. So hereby, it speeds up the Law of Attraction. As I said earlier, whatever we think, our mind creates a thought wave and accordingly, we attract similar situations. So, repeating positive affirmations can manipulate your mind to think positively. Hence, we generate positive thought waves. So, these positive thought waves will attract positive things and you will manifest better, quickly and easily.

Some of the best Manifestation Affirmations are:

  • All my positive intentions are manifesting.
  • I am abundant in terms of money, health, and love.
  • I trust the Universe. It gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time.
  • I am living my dream life.
  • I am the master of manifestation.
  • The universe works in my favor.
  • Every day, my manifestation speed gets doubled.
  • I deserve everything great in life.

By using positive affirmations consciously and intently, you influence your subconscious mind form the core. And in turn, it transforms your habits, behavior, attitude, and reactions, reshaping your external life.


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