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Maher M. Anous, M.D., FACS

Dr Mager Anous MDMedical Director

Dr. Anous is a board certified physician specializing in Plastic Surgery and formerly board certified in General Surgery. He is also an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Anous' career started in 1989 with a teaching position at the prestigious Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas where he had a private practice with a clinical academic position at the Texas Medical Center. During these years he did most of his charitable work overseas, providing reconstructive surgery to the under-privileged populations in Mexico, Brazil, Bosnia, Russia, and, later, Pakistan and the Middle East. In 2002, he settled in Seattle, WA, where he founded the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Everett and, then, La Provence Esthetic Surgery and Medical Spa in Seattle. He has performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries over the years. Dr. Anous is particularly proud of his innovations in Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and Facelifts. He has lectured both nationally and internationally about the merits of his techniques. Breast surgery also remains close to his heart as he takes pride in achieving natural looking results for his patients. We are pleased to have Dr. Anous serving as our Medical Director for Healthways Medical Group, overseeing and coordinating the work of our other providers here in Whittier, CA.

Edwin Chun, DC

Edwin Chun Chiropractor Chiropractor

Dr. Edwin Chun has been practicing chiropractic for over 18 years. Dr. Chun is a graduate of UCLA (BS in Psychobiology) and Los Angeles Chiropractic College (DC). He also is a certified master fitness trainer, having three certificates in fitness training, from the American College of Sports Medicine, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and APEX Fitness. He has performed thousands of spinal adjustments and has treated a wide variety of patients from the elderly, patients before and after surgeries and pain services procedures, accidents, and regular healthy individuals seeking to stay well. He offers safe and gentle non-risky spinal realignment. His philosophy is to first do no harm and encourage each patient to be active in their treatment to allow for healing. Dr. Chun utilizes chiropractic spinal manipulation, exercise, and nutrition in creating a unique treatment plan for each individual suited to their particular needs. He also co-treats many patients with medical physicians to broaden their care and enhance chances for full recovery. His goal is to eventually rehabilitate and strengthen the patient through chiropractic techniques and correct their dysfunctions. He incorporates his knowledge of athletic training into spinal realignment to produce posture correction and spinal strengthening. He has a strong background in injury care from auto accident and work accidents and has had a Qualified Medical Examiner status.

Soniya D'ave, PA-C


Soniya D'ave is a licensed physician assistant since 2000. She has over 20 years of experience working in family practice, urgent care, acupuncture and pain management. Soniya has received vigorous training in pain management and neurology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. She is very compassionate, diligent and knowledgeable. She takes pride in treating chronic pain conditions, sports injuries and various joint conditions. She is also very active in our local community and involved in various charity organizations such as Shelter’s Right Hand and the Rotary Club.


Y. Richard Shimozono, RPT

Richard Shimozono Physical TherapistPhysical Therapist

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Loma Linda University in 1968. I have been practicing physical therapy for over 40 years utilizing a full spectrum of techniques. My specialty is working with chronic pain patients and meeting their needs. I am extremely proficient in the practice of strain/counter strain and muscle energy principle. In the last 20 years, I have concentrated on developing my skills in myofascial releasing, soft tissue injury and dysfunction of joint mobility.

Emily Casillas, Certified Massage Therapist

Emily Casillas, Certified Massage TherapistCERTIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST

Emily has over seven years of experience in massage therapy and is certified in aromatherapy. She has a deep understanding in the method of trigger point release and structural integration. She is experienced in massage techniques ranging from deep tissue massage for muscle tension to Swedish techniques for relaxation. Emily has worked with many medical providers, chiropractors, physical therapist and holistic physicians, providing superior care. She also has presented educational marketing to a variety of audiences at health and wellness events. Her mission is to support individuals in achieving maximum life balance through personal wellness and is a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body and mind. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and loves working with people.

Francisco Gomez, Certified Massage Therapist


Francisco has over nine years of experience within the massage therapy field. As a graduate of Bryman College, he has training in a variety of techniques ranging from Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage as well as myofascial release. His experience includes working under a variety of providers which has made him a well-rounded therapist. This includes working with a number of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists and Medical providers. In addition, he has worked in spa settings on Catalina Island earlier in his career. An opportunity to learn about chiropractic care brought him back to the main land. He was mentored by an upper cervical specialist and he learned therapeutic techniques such as myofascial release, therapeutic exercises, kinesiotaping, as well as, learning marketing for clinics. Having been blessed with a wide range of mentors in physical therapy and chiropractic has taught him ways to best aide patients’ needs while growing his passion for helping improve the health and lives of others. Francisco is always looking to learn new ways to serve and eager to learn. He is fluent in both English and Spanish language.

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